International Advisory Group

PROMISE is supported by an International Advisory Group comprising transnational expertise on youth exclusion and social policy.

Carla De Tona

Carla is an Independent Researcher, based in Italy, with experience of working in Ireland, the UK and Italy. She is an expert on gender, migration, research ethics/methodologies and working transnationally.

Maria João Leote de Carvalho

Maria is a researcher based in Lisbon, Portugal at CICS.NOVA – FCSH/UNL Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences. She has been working with young offenders and young people who challenge society, and is an expert on youth in conflict with the law.

Sandra Wallman

An Emeritus Professor at University College London, Sandra has considerable experience of developing research methods in Europe and Africa, exploring sensitive issues (e.g. migration, HIV), and with stigmatised people.

Elena Yarskaya-Smirnova

Elena is a researcher in social policy at Saratov State Technical University, Russia.

Rocio Cifuentes

Director of the Ethnic Youth Support Team in Swansea, UK, Rocio has 10 years’ experience of working with vulnerable and hard-to-reach young people, including refugees and asylum seekers; works on the prevention of extremism.