Quantitative outputs

European values and participation report

This section contains outputs related to the analysis of the European Values Survey and other secondary data analysis.


Report on Value Gaps – revised Feb 2019

The Report on Value Gaps discusses the different forms of societal participation and protest employed by youth (from low engagement / low activism to illegal protest activities), and how this relates to the efficacy of engagement (openness of authorities; and confidence in governments and political parties to listen to youth and respond to their concerns). Motivators, facilitators, and inhibitors for engagement are identified both in the immediate living conditions of the youth and in the larger societal context.
This report was submitted to the EC as deliverable D8 (D4.2).


National Report level 2 (Collection of short comparative country reports) – February 2019

The National Report Level 2 presents a collection of standardised country reports from the ten partner countries involved in PROMISE. Using the most recent data available from macro-indicators and surveys, each country report provides a national baseline of the attitudes, activities and social involvement of young people. The macro-indicators used to describe the national context are used consistently throughout to allow comparison.
In particular, each country report provides an overview of the general ‘state of the country’s health’; the situation that young people face; how young people feel about their situation; and what, if anything, they are doing to change it.
We employ a concept of social and political engagement developed for PROMISE that includes four dimensions of engagement: civic activism, formal political participation, activism, and everyday engagement.
This was submitted to the EC as deliverable D9 (D4.3).


GESIS_May2018_Spring Political Science Roundtable

  • Markus Quandt, Vera Lomazzi, Sabine Israel (GESIS, Germany), Motivators, facilitators, and inhibitors of young adults´ societal and political engagement: The impact of immediate living conditions and the larger societal contextSpring Political Sciences Roundtable, Cologne, Germany,  May 25th, 2018


PROMISE European youth survey


PROMISE is commissioning its own European youth survey. Is will be a nationally representative survey on youth behaviour and attitudes. The result of this study will be published here once the survey has  been completed in spring 2019.