Policy briefs

The PROMISE project prepared policy briefings aimed at policy makers and practitioners. Every case study produced their own policy briefings and a separate European policy briefing addresses the policy makers on the European level. Please scroll down to download the European and individual policy briefings or click on the following link to download all briefings collated in one document:

Collated PROMISE Policy Briefs – March 2019

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European policy brief

PROMISE explored the ways young people with a history of stigmatisation or conflict participate in society. The focus was on the different ways they engage with social, environmental and political issues, and how they create opportunities for social change. The following recommendations on Promoting Youth Involvement and Social Engagement in Europe are based on ethnographic case studies with young people and quantitative research using the European Value Survey and other secondary data sources.

Our results show that to support the development and implementation of policies to promote youth involvement and social engagement, European countries need a variety of measures. Member States need effective policies to encompass youth support in all areas (educational, employment, social) to make all voices heard, especially those of young people facing multiple life challenges. Therefore, they should:

  • Recognise diverse life paths of young people
  • Enhance the recognition and support of youth-led initiatives
  • Promote support structures for young people
  • Create safe (urban) spaces for youth

European Policy Brief 2018_PROMISE_Trusting all youth to build a better Europe (report)

PROMISE European Policy Brief poster April 2019

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National policy briefs

Each ethnographic case study produced their own policy briefings. Please see the links below for the case study of interest:

  1. Croatia Policy Brief 2018_Football supporters Varteks FC
  2. Croatia Policy Brief 2018_Zagreb Pride LGBTIQ NGO
  3. Estonia Policy Brief 2018_Struggling against hegemony_Rural youth in Seto country
  4. Estonia Policy Brief 2018_Young ex-offenders and recidivism
  5. Finland Policy Brief 2018_Young motherhood in multicultural Finland
  6. Finland Policy Brief 2018_Intergenerational contest and spatial occupation in the city
  7. Germany Policy Brief 2018_Neo Muslim_ Social engagement of young Muslim women
  8. Germany Policy Brief 2018_The Autonomists_Perceptions of societal change among radical left youth
  9. Italy Policy Brief 2018_NoTav_Stigma as a drive for social change
  10. Italy Policy Brief 2018_Artistic and creative start ups in the suburbs of Naples
  11. Portugal Policy Brief 2018_Young people with paths of risk and deviant behaviour
  12. Portugal Policy Brief 2018_Young gender activists
  13. Russia Policy Brief 2018_People living with HIV and HIV activists in St Petersburg and Kazan
  14. Russia Policy Brief 2018_New pro-citizen activities of young Petersburgers for public moral and order
  15. Russia Policy Brief 2018_Grassroots initiatives conflicts and solidarities of the feminist scene of St Petersburg
  16. Russia Policy Brief 2018_Grassroots initiatives conflicts and solidarities of the LGBTQ scene of St Petersburg
  17. Slovakia Policy Brief 2018_NIOT_Not in our town
  18. Slovakia Policy Brief 2018_Returning young migrants
  19. Spain Policy Brief 2018_Self-building alternative accommodation and public space use
  20. Spain Policy Brief 2018_NoNEETS
  21. UK Policy Brief 2018_Risky youth and criminalised identities
  22. UK Policy Brief 2018_Youth mobilisations of suspect communities