Project partner, The Y.E.S Forum, hosted a policy event at the European Parliament in Brussels on the 15 and 16 November 2016, which included a presentation on the PROMISE project.

The PROMISE project was well represented by the Y.E.S Forum team and by Project Co-ordinator, Dr Jo Deakin from the University of Manchester. Jo’s presentation focused on outlining the PROMISE project, including the different methodological approaches, the key themes of the research and opportunities for collaborative work with young people and practitioners. The event, entitled ‘Working with young people – Between discourse and practice’, was aimed at bringing together policy makers, practitioners and young people from across Europe to strengthen the youth sector and boost European cooperation. A key theme of the event was ‘how to generate and sustain opportunities for youth involvement’.

This focus on young people has an essential role to play in tackling societal challenges all over Europe, especially the rising divide within youth itself, youth social involvement and youth unemployment. Through this policy event, practitioners from the youth field, young people themselves and EU policy and decision-makers shared their respective perspectives, challenges and priorities.

Have a look at Jo’s presentation for The Y.E.S Forum’s event to learn more about the PROMISE project!