Horizon2020 PROMISE project logoAfter lots of work and preparation, the PROMISE project has officially begun. Researchers from 10 countries turned on their computers, fired up their emails and began work on the exciting first stage of the project.

Task number 1: refine the research questions and methods.

Our research questions will consider the experiences of young people across Europe: what is it like to be young now? What are the main challenges and opportunities?

In particular, the project focuses on young people who are experiencing conflict, stigma or tensions in their lives: what causes this conflict? What impact does conflict have on their lives? What can young people do to resolve or avoid conflict?

Our methods are wide and varied but fall under the umbrella of ‘participatory’ and ‘arts-based’. We will be engaging young people in the project, teaching them skills that they can use later in their lives, and aim to empower and enable our participants. More on this later.

We’ll be posting regular news on the progress of the project, as well as opportunities to participate, so keep an eye on our website and our twitter feed (@H2020PROMISE) to stay up to date with what’s going on.